Community Policing Division  

The National Association of School Resource Officers Model Agency NASRO Model Agency Award Winner

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Loganville Police NASRO Award


Lt. Joseph Cantrell

 Lt. Joseph Cantrell



The Community Policing Division (CPD) is commanded by Lieutenant Joseph Cantrell. The CPD has a variety of responsibilities within the Loganville Police Department ranging from enforcement to educational programs. The Loganville Police Department recognizes that the most effective law enforcement strategies require active participation from the community we serve.

In that light the Loganville Police Department is committed to Community Oriented Policing (COP) and has established the following areas as appropriate for implementation of this program.  

School Resource Officer Program


The primary responsibility of the CPD is to deliver the School Resource Officer program to the Walton County Public Schools located inside the city limits of Loganville. The School Resource Officer (SRO) program places law enforcement officers in schools with the goal of creating and maintaining safe, secure and orderly learning environment for students, teachers and staff.  


The SRO program reflects the community’s desire to ensure that its schools are safe secure and orderly. SROs represent a proactive strategy designed to bring prevention and intervention into the school environment. The officers assigned to the CPD provide campus security; investigate criminal activity on campus; provide safe passage for students and staff to and from campus through planning and implementation of appropriate traffic control plans; and provide juvenile delinquency and truancy intervention at all student age levels at one high school, one middle school, and two elementary schools within the jurisdiction. 


Loganville school resource officers


Instructional Education Programs provided by the CPD 

The community Policing Division will provides D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance 

Education) instruction at the elementary level and G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance 

Education and Training) instruction at the middle school level. Also available to at risk students is Life Skills training and a tobacco awareness and prevention program for students struggling with tobacco use and addiction. 


Community Crime Prevention 

The Community Policing Division organizes and presents Neighborhood Watch 

Programs to neighborhoods, businesses and citizens groups. CPD also coordinates the presentation of safety seminars to day care centers, church groups, civic organizations, or any other group that expresses interest in having a guest speaker to discuss law enforcement topics. Such topics may include, Crime Prevention, Internet Safety, Bicycle Safety, Drug Awareness, Personal Safety and Gang Recognition. 


Loganville Elementary Safety Patrol


Community Relations 

This responsibility is accomplished through activities such as organizing informational booths at parades and other community events; organizing fundraisers for instructional education programs through sponsored activities; and providing community crime prevention seminars. 


Gang Investigations 

Any suspected criminal street gang activity, whether found on a school campus or within the community will be aggressively investigated by the Community Policing Division. The Loganville Police Department is an active participant in the Walton County Gang Task Force, and the investigator assigned to this duty shall provide gang awareness and other educational programs to students, parents, members of the community and other officers within the department. 


Loganville Police Bike Patrol


Bicycle Patrol 

The Community Policing Division serves as the bicycle patrol unit for the Loganville 

Police Department. The responsibilities of the Bicycle Patrol Unit  include: patrol of 

subdivisions to increase police visibility; providing community relation service through personal interaction with citizens while on patrol; and functioning as highly mobile patrol and response units during parades and other community functions.  


Loganville Police Explorers


Youth Police Auxillary

The Community Policing Division provides education and instruction to students who are interested in a career in law enforcement by organizing activities that demonstrate the daily responsibilities of law enforcement officers. Officers expose Police Auxillarycadets to as many aspects of law enforcement as possible through the organization of training classes and field trips and supervise the cadets during all community functions  where the group is providing community service.