Gang Violence Prevention

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 New Technical Fact Sheet - Sustaining Your Gang Prevention Efforts
A CCDO-sponsored publication by the National Crime Prevention Council focused on develpemnt of Anti-Gang efforts.


 Houston Mayor's Anti-Gang Office
As part of its "Gang Talk Thursday" webinar series NCPC presents the city of Houston's Mayor's Anti-Gang Office and Gang Task Force. Patrica Harrington, ...


  Identifying and Addressing a Gang Problem
Strategy State laws can hrlp police enforce against youth gang crime, including graffiti, coercion of members, illegal trafficking in ...

 Battling Gangs: A Novel Use of Civil Injunctions
According National District Attorney's Association (NDDA), the United States has 30,000 gangs with 800,000 members whose crimes, tactics, and strategies are ...

 Strategy: Gang Prevention Through Community Intervention With High-Risk Youth
Strategy Coordinated intervention by the community and law enforcement personnel reduces the likelihood that high-risk youth with become involved...

 Casting Too Wide a Net
Cities all across the nation are doing what they can to stem gang violence and..