Uniform Patrol Division

The Uniform Patrol Division (UPD) is commanded by Major Greg Warnack. Comprising the majority of the department’s sworn peace officers, the UPD is responsible for all functions of patrol duty.

The mission of the UPD is to protect life and property, detect, prevent, and suppress crime, and to maintain order in the city of Loganville so that all citizens may enjoy a peaceful environment and a pleasant quality of life.

Further, the patrol operation exists to provide 24 hour protection, seven days a week to the citizens of Loganville. This is accomplished through :

·      Preventive patrol

·      Responding rapidly to all requests for emergency law enforcement service

·      Improving the criminal apprehension rate by conducting thorough  preliminary   investigations

·      Reducing traffic congestion and accident hazards through systematic  enforcement of traffic laws and ordinances

·      Responding to and investigating motor vehicle accidents

·      Aiding victims of accidents; assisting citizens in dealing with legal, medical, or social problems through direct crisis intervention and/or making correct referrals to agencies equipped to deal with such problems

·      Improving law enforcement/community relations by increasing the quality and quantity of contacts between citizens and the agency.